Not much is going to change this year as compared to last year… or the year before or the year before that… so on into that weird mirror-y image that all looks the same fading off into the void…

However, this year, I do resolve, I swear, I vow… this year I will NOT be the only reason we stay in touch this year.
I refuse to EVER again type; “Haven’t heard from you in a while, hope everything’s ok!” to people I know have been online and just can’t spare seconds, yes SECONDS, to reply to an email.
I am not going to pump email, blog comments, files and time into some online black hole where nothing ever returns from.
Yes, on occasion I do send out ‘mass’ (if less than a dozen can be considered ‘mass’) mailings but these are never copied and pasted copies of copied and pasted ‘funny’ stories that have been going around since I first GOT a computer (that’s twenty three years folks).
These are invitiation into my life, my writing, my photography, whatever, and I’d honestly rather hear criticism than the ringing, resounding silence I normally get.
So that’s it. If you stop getting mail from me, invitiations to check out my latest Photoshop work, Flickr photograph additions or just “Hi how are ya?” It’s you, not me. If you can’t be bothered, neither can I.

I’ve tried, I’m tired of being the only one trying.

Hawk (deep down tired)

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