What’s wrong with this planet?!

John Travolta’s kid died… I’m sorry Mr. Travolta, I know the pain of losing a family member.

Now why the HELL is this all over the news day after day!? Sitting in here with the TV on in the other room I just heard at least 10 minutes on the news about Jett’s death. Why?! They didn’t run a news story when my dad died. I’m sure THOUSANDS of people died that very same day but none of them are getting air time on the big three networks. What the hell is wrong with people today?? It’s not like HE was a celebrity, his one credit over at IMDB.com is for 101 Biggest Celebrity Oops which was almost certainly about his mom or dad… I just don’t get it. Why does the public care so much? Why is there so much interest in someone nearly none of us ever knew? Why is there so much news coverage?! I don’t understand…

Hawk (not a celebrity, never wants to be one)


  1. John

    Scientology + Mysterious Death + White Kid = Ratings Bonanza!

    Glad I don’t have a TV.

  2. Hawk (Post author)

    Travolta’s a cult of the wackadoo member too?

  3. Chilly

    C’mon, Hawk, you didn’t know Travolta is a member of the Xenu tribe?

    The big (unspoken) deal is that the kid died of a physical ailment that likely went improperly treated due to his parents’ religious leanings… But no one is going to say that straight out. They say he had some condition that is largely concentrated among east Asian children, mainly Japanese kids, which Scientology cleansing rites supposedly cleared up – and then they said that he had seizure disorders but they were treated as well. All this notwithstanding, the fact is that a 16-year-old boy had a full-time nanny – and if you look at his photos, there’s a ghost of autism/retardation to his facial shape that is a little, well, suspicious.

    John’s equation is right on the money. At least now the child is in the ground and we can move on to the next contrived celeb-disaster.

  4. Hawk (Post author)

    Yeah, I agree he had ‘the look’.

    I really hate the attention we give to people who act or make music. It’s ludicrous.


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