More Proof of the Coming Apocalypse

So I’m paging around Facebook the other day (far cooler so far than MySpace which I’ve given up on almost entirely). One of the features they have is fan groups for just about any subject that anyone can think to make one for. They also show ‘related’ groups on the same page as the groups you’re in which often have NO relation to the group you’re reading.
Case in point, I was reading a group about my old hometown and looking for people I’ve lost track of over the years when Facebook offered the group “When I found out the Disney “D” WAS a “D”, it blew my mind”.

Over a hundred and sixty THOUSAND people are members of two separate groups for people so stupid they didn’t know the D in Disney was a freaking D. I bet many of these people are, right now, behind the wheel of cars, operating heavy machinery or even members of our government. These people are scary. They immediately recognize the logo as Disney. I’m sure those capable of intelligible speech even pronounced it Disney and not {weird logo thingy} Isney World/Land but over a hundred and sixty thousand couldn’t figure out that the D was a D!

Even without the ‘isney’ it still looks like a D… to me. Especially knowing it’s FROM Disney.

I am truly frightened for the future of this planet.

Hawk (if I had a cave I’d go hide in it)


  1. Kate

    It’s true though! It looks like a retarded backwards G thing!!

  2. Hawk (Post author)

    But… but.. it’s DISNEY’S trademark, it’s on everything DISNEY, it ain’t Gisney World!

    Maybe I just have too many weird fonts….


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