I hate Mr. Rogers.

Have you ever watched the show? As an adult I mean. They do these frequent Discovery Channel’esque “Where’d that come from?” segments from the bluest blue collar workforce.

Excel! to Mediocrity!

“This is Louis. Louis has had the same job for twenty three years. Louis puts the blades on ice skates! Let’s watch Louis make the same three movements over and over, those same three motions he finds himself waking up making… sometimes he’s torn screaming from sleep by nightmares of being slashed to death by living skates. Let’s go skating!”

“This is Maria. Maria has been putting blenders together for fourteen years. Before that Maria put toasters in boxes for eleven years. Don’t pay any attention to those carpel tunnel braces that go from wrist to elbow… on both her arms. A small price to pay for a social security retirement of agony and surgery. Hooray, Florida!”

While I agree it’s wrong to tell your kids “You can be anything you want to be”. That’s just a lie, we’d be up to our armpits in firemen (people), police(persons) and astronauts if it were true. Sorry, moms & dads, somebody has got to push the ‘french fry’ button on the cash register. They could have picked jobs to showcase that didn’t spotlight people you knew were right there on the edge, waiting for that one thing to send them over into a killing spree… or catatonia….

Of course Mr. Rogers did have those cute puppets and that trolley that dinged on cue…

Hawk (mediocre sounds nice…)


  1. Chilly

    Mr. Rogers and my granddad had a lot in common: both tall and lanky, both very soft-spoken and even-tempered, both very religious. And yet, even as a child, I had a really hard time watching his show. The puppets were simplistic to a fault, far surpassed by the Muppets and Fraggles. And the music… yikes.

    But I disagree about telling kids they can do anything they put their minds to — otherwise we’d have no Einsteins or Leonardos or people who do awesomely cool jobs the rest of us can be jealous of.

    My son is the line lead for an aviation company. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? He pumps gas into airplanes and parks them for spoiled rich folks. But he has also met some incredible people (Steven Spielberg anyone?) and it offers him the chance to be outdoors every day. He *LOVES* his job and has time for his hobbies. Point being, you never can tell what’s going on in the minds of the Louies and Marias of the world. Maybe in their spare time they do charity work or brew beer or shoot pornos… oh hell, who knows?


  2. Hawk (Post author)

    Occasionally he had some cool jazz musicians on the show but that wasn’t often or the norm.

    But do you really think the Einsteins and the Leonardo’s NEEDED to be told they could do whatever they wanted with life? These guys probably new from birth they were different and special. I’m talking, mostly, about people with kids who ARE going to be fry cooks and laborers (and I’ve been both so I’m not putting down the work!) that they can be anything they want.

    I’m not, seriously I’m not, putting down blue collar workers, I’ve never really been anything else, my dad was, his dad was, my mom’s dad was a sports reporter. Our collars are blue and through. I just didn’t like the idea of a TV show saying if you try “This is how far you’re really going to get! Don’t that suck?!”

    I was a Master Control Operator at a television station, now THAT sounds impressive don’t it? My entire job more or less was to press play on the video decks.


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