Now what?

Great, I’ve got a blog. I said to myself when I saw the hosting package had a built in blog “Yeah! I’m going to just vent my spleen every moment I get! There’s no end of shit to bitch about…” Of course now I’m just sitting here staring at the screen wondering what the hell to type. Ain’t life grand?

Well the domain’s up, the main page has been mildly reworked. The Camera section has been revamped to include a bunch of new images I’ve taken with the Kodak Z650 I won in a contest over at Man I love this camera. 6 megapixels, 10x zoom, it accepts any 55mm filter and even shoots tollerable video. Beats the heck out of my old 2 MP Kodak, though, that too took some amazing pictures.

Well it’s almost time for This Old House (I’m an addict) so…

More later… hopefully.


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