My car stereo healed itself!

For a year… no, more like two years or more really, my car has gotten ONE radio station. I hit the Scan/Seek button hundreds of times and all I ever got was “Lite Rock 101” the junk they play in doctors offices and places where people with little to no taste in music work. It was horrible and I rarely turned the radio on. Last night I was heading to the store to stock up on some Diet Coke and didn’t feel like listening to the wind so I broke down and turned on the radio. I’d forgotten that when I had it in the shop a couple weeks ago they’d had to disconnect the battery which meant all the saved settings in the car had been reset. The back-lighting on my radio is dead which means I need bright sunlight to see the display (and there’s no bright sunlight at 3:00 AM!) so I hit the Seek button. And to my surprise and delight it found station after station. I was a little worried at first, the three stations it found right away were “Lite Rock 101” some fire & brimstone preacher telling me I was going to hell (like I didn’t know THAT already) and something way back in the static that sounded like alien insects eating people alive… seriously. But then I found the local hard rock/heavy metal station and GLORY there was music in my car (on the three surviving speakers) that I could listen to and enjoy!

Hawk (enmusicized!)

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