Your Baby Can Read!

Or so claims the infomercial I saw about a dozen times over the last few nights. The question this brings to mind is ‘Does he or she really NEED to?!’ I realize there are some people who just have to have the brightest kid at Mommy & Me but seriously, potty train them first. All over the place kids are being forced to learn, LEARN, LEARN! Leapfrog toys are nothing but veiled teaching tools masquerading as video games.
I learned to read the old fashioned way. Mom and dad taught me the basics, Kindergarten got me rolling on my ABCs and by the time I hit 6th Grade I was reading on a college level. By the time I hit 8th Grade in Junior High I’d read the entire High School reading list and no one had me playing word recognition games while I was still in diapers. I was a kid and allowed to BE a kid. Let your kids be kids people, They’ll be grown up soon enough.

Hawk (product of the 60’s)


  1. Jes

    Yeah exactly!!!! Ok granted Josh was reading before he started kindergarten. But my grandmother was a teacher and her and I would play games together and Josh was interested in the games so that is how he learned to read. I didn’t force it on him. He is an avid reader like I am. Being dyslexic makes it kinda hard but that is where my grandmothers games came in handy for me and that is how Josh learned. But they are forcing the kids to learn much more then I remember back when I was in school. I took extra classes in high school just for reading books. granted it takes me a little longer to finish a book but I love to read just the same. Jesse and Sadie didn’t start reading until they were in school. They put way too much pressure on kids now. It is all about beating other countries with academics. It isn’t about the kids it is about which country is smarter. As for leapfrog and other electronic learning devices they are just plug in babysitters.

  2. Lisa

    It is ridiculous what they expect kids to know before kindergarten nowadays. What happened to teachers TEACHING their students how to read and write. Now they have to know stuff we were learning in 1st grade just to get in. Not only do you have to know basic stuff like ABC’s, colors, shapes, and counting you have to be able to recognize letters by site, write your name, opposites, etc. And don’t get me started on homework! Homework in kindergarten? Are you kidding me? I do not recall any homework at this age when I was growing up.


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