I Won! I Won!

I… really don’t care.

Marlboro had a contest a while back. You listened to country music tracks {shudder} and voted for your favorites. In exchange for the tortur.. pleasure you were entered in their giveaway contest. I just won a belt buckle. woo… Now if only I wore or, for that matter, owned a belt. It’s ‘German Silver’. Dig this; “There is no silver in German Silver.”
It is pretty though.

Click the above for larger view.

Hawk (needs a belt… maybe some pants)


  1. Frost

    Not only is it pretty, it’s made in the U.S.A.

  2. Hawk (Post author)

    It is, I do agree. I just object to the utterly misleading “German Silver” although it does say on the product labeling “German Silver contains no silver” there’s no requirement for the salesperson to say anything other than “This is ***GERMAN*** Silver, isn’t that SPECIAL!?”

    When I first saw it I thought “Wow, silver?!”

    Now I need pants….

  3. John

    I prefer Paktong, for that vague sense of eastern mysticism so lacking in most pants-holding-up devices.

  4. Chilly

    A non-silver German silver belt buckle made by Montana Silversmiths.

    Well, okay then!

    eBay or Craigslist it, says I.

  5. Hawk (Post author)

    There’s a few on eBay. I just reported on seller advertizing it as actual silver and gold plated when there’s no silver and certainly no gold. There’s a few up on eBay, Marlboro just sent them out so I’m sure there will be a flood soon. One completed auction went for around $20.
    Might sell it but I’ve got a friend who’s into C&W music, might see if she wants it…


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