Introducing the new, 468 horse power hybrid from Infinity…

Yes, that’s EXACTLY what the world needs. A gas saving car for people who can already afford expensive gas. Hybrids are fast becoming bullshit status symbols instead of the new wave of economic transportation.

Why isn’t anyone making an affordable hybrid/alternative fuel car that those people (poor, like me) can afford? We’re the ones who can’t keep shelling out $3.05 for a gallon of gas!




  1. John

    Hybrids aren’t just for tree-hugger status anymore… there is a lot of interest (and starting to be some products) that take advantage of a hybrid’s possible performance advantage: namely, that an electric motor has maximum (peak) torque from moment one, as opposed to having a torque curve as an engine does. Of course, you pay with increased complexity & weight, but they’re getting smaller all the time…

    The 468 number reeks of bullshit, though.

    You’re not going to see low-cost hybrids for another few years, I don’t think – the economy of scale isn’t quite there yet. Toyota introduced the Prius in 1997 (in Japan) and in 1999 (in the US) but didn’t start making a profit on them until late 2003 – until then they sold every car at a loss. My guess is you’re looking at at least 5 years until they can sell an inexpensive hybrid and still make money on it.

    What I really want is for Toyota to make me a hybrid Tacoma…

  2. hawk (Post author)

    Unfortunately the Prius wasn’t really ‘affordable’ since it cost(s) the same as many mid sized sedans. I agree, electric motors are amazing things and not needing to ramp up the RPM to get the full benefit’s a great deal but as I see it the people who most need a gas saving vehicle are those people stuck in ‘can’t afford it land’. Hell I’d like the car those guys in the Wii commercial drive, it’s cute 🙂

  3. John

    No, I don’t consider the Prius an affordable car either, I was just using it as an example since it’s been the most successful hybrid. In another 5 years I think there will be something Prius-esque at a huge discount because it will be, finally, inexpensive to manufacture.

    The car in the Wii commericals is cool – Smart ForTwo! Gets 50mpg (gas engine) or 70 mpg (diesel). Also costs $25k!!!! WTF!? 25k for a golf cart?!

  4. hawk (Post author)

    You can save a lot of money at 70MPG. Mileage that high is almost worth that price. Well.. maybe not, but it’s still a nifty car.


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