The economy is tanking. Unemployment is through the roof. Belts are being tightened and people are looking for any way possible to save money… and Hammock Landing shopping center, the latest explosion of stores just off I-95 in West Melbourne Florida is charging a 1.06% fee on all purchases for the privilege to shop their stores. I wonder what idiot thought up this plan. They should be paying us, they should be BEGGING us to spend our money in their brand new shopping center. Super Walmart’s not two minutes down the road and I don’t care what people think of Walmart, THEIR stock went up and their employees are still employed. Best Buy is just five minutes further away. Sorry, H.H. Gregg, you lose. The mall is just past Best Buy, they don’t charge to shop either.
I wonder how long until the layoffs and bankruptcy claims start. They’re sure to blame anyone but themselves for their problems.
Who thinks up this stupid shit?

Hawk (shopping where shopping’s free)

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