Book Review #1

I read quite a lot and in looking for things to post here on the blog (and hopefully entertain you few readers) I thought I’d start posting the occasional review of some of my more recent reads.

‘A Walk in the Woods’ by Bill Bryson:

I used to camp all the time growing up with my folks and later on involved in Scouting. I hiked, day hikes mostly and usually as often as the weather would allow with little concern for the season. I therefore tend to read books on AT (Appalachian Trail) and it’s hikers as it’s a dream I’ll never realize. ‘Walk’ is about a man discovering there’s a trail, unbroken (more or less) from Georgia to Maine. Some 2,100 up the Appalachian corridor. Bryson sets off, completely unprepared mentally or physically to walk the AT and soon discovers that it’s a daunting task. Bill’s got a good grasp of humor and never fails to convey the humor in the situations he and his hiking companion, Katz who’s even more ill prepared for the journey than the author. There’s a few moments, mostly littering by throwing gear away and not policing his cigarette butts by Katz that I find rather annoying. We also, as we sadly do in so many ‘Trail’ books, get preached at about just how crappy we’re doing as caretakers of this planet. Bryson’s not the worst by a long shot but I’d really love to read a story about hiking the AT without the need to break out into how we’re killing the amphibians off or how many species of trees have gone extinct due to our careless nature. I know it’s a problem but if I wanted to read about it I’d go looking for books on THAT topic and not hiking. Don’t get me wrong, this is well worth reading (thanks Lisa!). I found myself laughing out loud in many places. I could just do without the preaching from the soapbox.

Hawk (words in a row, man, words in a row…)

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