Heh, perspective…

Mom and I were sitting at the kitchen table having coffee, reading the morning paper and discussing next week’s menu when I noticed a large crow out flying in the rather windy Florida sky. He launched off the high-voltage power lines and flew in place fighting the wind for what must have been twenty seconds. A few moments later he went by going with the wind blasting through the sky like a fighter plane. Soon after that I saw him (it could have been a her, sorry ladies) whip through the sky sideways, whirling and twisting…

I said to mom “Ah, to be a bird. To enjoy the pure joy of flight!” After all, one of my favorite books of all times, since I stole it from my sister’s nightstand when I was twelve or so is ‘Jonathan Livingston Seagull’ (I also sto…borrowed, ‘The Amityville Horror’ and the week I didn’t sleep after that is a whole ‘nother story.) which deals with flying for the sheer sake of enjoying flight.

Then it occurred to me, maybe the crow’s not enjoying this. Maybe the quite windy conditions aren’t what he was looking forward today. Maybe he’s even thinking;

“OH SHIT! I’m going to DIE! Why the hell did I get out of the nest this morning? TREE!!!!!! Oh God that was close! What was I thi…TREEE!!!”

Hawk (maybe it’s not so cool to be a bird, huh?)

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