E.R. ends tomorrow…

Tomorrow, April 2nd 2009 the last episode of E.R. will air. Can you believe it’s been fifteen years? 332 episodes, 122 Emmy nominations, 22 wins. As much as M*A*S*H was this show’s been a part of my life for one hell of a long time.

I’d like to thank the producers and writers for creating some outstanding television.

Beyond that though, I’d like to thank them for the best death scene ever with dropping a helicopter on Dr. Romano. Very Peter Pan meets Wizard of Oz. Nobody deserved it more!

Three hours of E.R. stuff tomorrow evening and it’s all over.

I’m a bit sad about this.

Hawk (it hurts when I do this, Doctor)


  1. Jes

    It is a sad sad day when an awesome show has ended.

  2. Chilly

    I loved every minute.

    My daughter told me that she has no idea how to spend her Thursday nights now that it’s over. She has no remembrance of a time when there was no ER.

    Our fave scene ever ever ever is the one where Romano loses his arm. That was the single most visceral reaction I’ve ever had to a visual image on television.

  3. Hawk (Post author)

    Mom and I are also fans of ‘Ace of Cakes’ which runs at 10:00 PM on Thursdays. We always stayed up for the re-running at 1:00 AM which was a real drag. This past week with no ER to watch of course Ace of Cakes was a repeat.

    We tried the new show they’re filling ER’s place with and neither of us enjoyed it. I think much of that was watching something trying to fill ER’s shoes.

    The one that comes to mind whenever I try and come up with a moving piece of imagry was early on when Doug Ross rescued those kids from drowning in the storm drain. I have less of a fear of being eaten by a helicoptor than I do of drowning. Though the Peter Pan/Crocodile/Capt. Hook thing with the chopper coming back to finish Romano off, that was my favorite TV scene of all times. I cheered. I sang “Ding Dong the Dick is DEAD!”


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