Vista 1000+ Hours Up Time

1006:24:50 One THOUSAND and six hours of continuous, non-rebooted up time out of Windows Vista Home Basic (SP1). I’m satisfied. Those people complaining about how horrible Vista is and how often it crashes, etc. They’re doing something wrong. Forty two days without a reboot. For a Windows OS that’s not bad at all. I certainly can’t complain about a thousand plus hours without a crash, lockup or ‘necessary’ reboot.

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Hawk (Vista fan)


  1. Jes

    I have Windows Vista. I have had it since Dec. 9th 2008. I don’t see anything wrong with it at all. Now Windows 7 the new one coming out I have heard nothing but horrible things about it. But I have never tried a MAC either. But as far as Vista I am very satisfied with it also. I don’t plan on changing the OS any time soon.


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