Let’s take pictures of ourselves, NAKED!

The advent of digital cameras, highspeed internet connections and an apparent reduction in morals has led to a flood of pictures wending their way across the internet of girls/women in some rather risque poses… NOT that I’m complaining mind you. Whatever you do alone or with friends (and baby oil…) in the privacy of your own home, dorm, car… *cof* is up to you. I just wonder at the practicality of sharing these pictures with millions of people around the planet (again, I’m not complaining!). I’m sure some, maybe even a lot of them are “oops, I forgot to delete those!” or made public as revenge by ex friends or lovers but a quick perusal of Flickr’s search feature with the keywords of your choosing will, unless you’re really odd, result in hundreds, often thousands of erotic images. I’m still not complaining!

I am however waiting for this to bite someone in the ass (so to speak!):

“Senator Smith, can we have your reaction to the recently uncovered
image of your aide, posed naked, shaved, doing a handstand in front of a
Nazi flag and balancing a pint of what we hope is beer, on her crotch?”

It’s going to happen. You know it is. Someone’s going to be interviewing for a job and the interviewer’s going to pause and go clicking around their computer for a few minutes and then a big smile’s going to spread across their face as they ask “So, do you still trampoline naked?”

Hawk (nope, not complaining, really)

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