Is it right?

The Black Footed Ferret, North America’s only native ferret species, was, and for that matter still is, near extinction. Classified as endangered in the U.S. in 1967 the last known wild population was taken into captivity in 1985 after an accidental discovery. Now there’s a captive breeding program that helping the animal make an “astonishing comeback”.

My question is; the creature has been nearly extinct for going on a hundred year and the last wild population was removed from the wild more than twenty years ago. Is it RIGHT to reintroduce these animals into an ecology that’s had decades to evolve without their presence? Yes, they’re cute and adorable they also eat those silly prairie dogs and it’s mostly our fault (as it always is) they’re endangered. But is it right? The areas they lived in have had decades to change. What impact is bringing back a species going to have on those OTHER species living in the same space?

Is our playing God going to backfire? Are we going to do more damage with this program? Is it right?

They are cute though.

Hawk (Doesn’t like man playing god)

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  1. Chilly

    Yes, I think it is.. if only to control those friggin’ prairie dogs. Nasty little vermin infested creatures! (Cute doesn’t always = good.) I despise the damn things, so any animal that wipes prairie dogs out as a matter of course earns my vote for reintroduction into the environment.


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