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Ender in Exile by Orson Scott Card:
This is a book that wanders into your living room, flops down on your couch, loosens its belt and starts flipping through your TV channels while bitching about your selection of snack foods. This book goes nowhere, does nothing, it sits around and chatters inanely about nothing. There’s more action at a senior-center’s Octogenarians Only Bridge Tournament. ‘Ender in Exile’ is one of those books that fans forced to be written. Ender’s story has been told, extensively. Billed as a ‘Direct Sequel to Ender’s Game’ it does little but disappoint. Ender’s Game was a fine book, well written and containing not a small amount of action and excitement. ‘Ender in Exile’ reads like a textbook, something you’d study for a test to prove you know more about Ender than any other fan-boi. Oh, and don’t forget to pick up ‘The Authorized Ender Companion’ when it’s released. You might miss one of Ender’s lunch menus or whatever idiotic fact-fart this books going to be stuffed with.

Orson Scott Card suffers from fans. Sci-Fi fans. The worst of the fan-boi species. MAYBE he’d have written a sequel, maybe not. But with the fan base demanding it we’ve gotten several novels all perfectly good for tinder or toilet paper and little else. Ender in Exile being the worst of the lot.

Fans do this to authors. Piers “seriously, stop sending me puns” Anthony’s Xanth series decades ago was a prime example of fans driving an author far beyond what he intended to write with devastating consequences to the quality of the story. They demand MORE, MORE, MORE and then suddenly cry out “Hey, this sucks.” and desert their idol for greener pastures.

Hawk (clearly not a fan-boi)

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  1. Frosty

    ‘Ender’s Game’ is one of my and my husband’s favorite books. We named our little chiremlin mutt after Ender’s sister.


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