So do it already…

Watching ‘Modern Marvels’ on the History Channel, they’re featuring renewable energy sources. They claim that North and South Dakota have enough potential wind energy to power the entire United States. They also claim that covering just 10% of Nevada (and hell, no one lives there anyhow) with photovoltaic cells or with a system that focuses solar energy on an oil filled pipe with then heats water to steam to power turbines (I forget the nomenclature) that either could also power the entire country. So DO it already! We’re in a depression, fire up a new New Deal WPA/CCC project and build these suckers! What the hell are we waiting for?

Hawk (has gas, can’t power anything with it…)


  1. Chilly

    Nevada actually does have several large solar arrays / plants functioning already. As you said, it’s just a matter of a bit more funding to get them powering larger portions of the nation. Money makes the wind generators go ’round.

    Now we need to work on developing biodiesel fuels as well as manufacturing earth friendly vehicles.

  2. Jes

    I agree windmills beat the monopoly of the power plants any day. Ford did come out with a “green car” made it out of Hemp (Cheech and Chong come to mind) but it didn’t look like the infamous van. Ford was also developing a way to take the oil from the hemp seeds and plants to convert it to gas. DuPont got nervous about losing lots of money so they talked to their friends in the White House hence any use of the Marijuana plant becoming illegal. Or so I have read. either way things are way to expensive as it is and they want to hike up the price of electricity. I say we start a commune and be self sufficient.


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