It Could Be Worse…

Four of the cruelest words anyone can utter and they’re often used in a futile attempt to if not cheer someone up at least to try and lighten the moment. It’s terrible. Using ‘It could be worse’ is just dismissing someone’s pain and problems. Personally I hate it. It hurts:

You can barely walk? It could be worse!

You wake to pain, spend the day in pain and struggle to sleep with pain? It could be worse!

Hands and arms don’t work (you had to type that sentence four times to get it right?) It could be worse!

This a horrible way to deal with a friend’s pain. Sadly I admit I’ve done it myself and even TO myself to make light of things even when they’re not light and never will be. Think before you say it, you just might make it worse…

Hawk (is worse)


  1. Chilly

    I always think of Young Frankenstein when someone says it.

    Igor: “It could be worse.”
    Frederick: “HOW?”
    Igor: “It could be raining.”

    ‘Course, I only say it when the person to whom I am saying it is just being a crybaby, not when the situation’s really serious…

  2. Jes

    lol that was funny. I was going to add the Monty Python’s bring out your dead or the Just a flesh wound part. I know exactly where you are coming from believe me.

  3. Frosty

    1) Your sight makes me do math if I want to leave a comment. That is hard for me.

    2) I hate it when something bad happens to me and people say, “It could be worse,” or “I’m so sorry,” or in anyway try to tell me that things are going to be fine. I just want them to listen, understand how I feel and agree with me. Is that too much to ask?


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