It’s been there for HOURS!

So I look out the window and see this bird flying over my neighbors house. A minute later I’m saying to myself “Birds don’t fly like that… what the hell IS that?” A little later I look again and it’s still there! I broke out the binoculars and took a look (if my neighbors are reading this I really wasn’t trying to get a peek at your daughter, honest!) and it’s a leaf…or a pine cone and it’s floating over my neighbors house. I then had to ask my mom if she saw it (flashbacks, ya know) and she did. An hour later and the┬ástupid thing is STILL floating over there. Leaves, they can’t fly, they fall, Newton proved it, pine cones too I’m sure. Stuff falls, seriously, I’ve seen it happen. So finally and a little late since I lost the good light, I brought out the digital camera and utilized the 10x zoom I so love.

Thumbnail closeup of flying thing!

So, yes, it seems it’s a pine cone on a string or a really, really big spider’s got a web over there… I’m really hoping it’s string and not giant spiders…please, god, not giant spiders. Not again…

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Larger image: Click Here
YouTube Video: Click Here


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