I moderate two sub-forums, the art and contests forums, for the online community who play The Kingdom of Loathing. Ages ago someone started a thread asking for ideas to draw, suggesting “Be as random as you can…” so I came up with:

“Death surfing the Banzai Pipeline while smoking a hookah. There is a very frightened octopus clinging to the front of his surfboard.”

Yeah, I’m weird, deal….

Since then it’s been my standard request when someone opens a new thread for commissions.

Here’s the results of my requests over the years plus other random stuff people have made for me.

Hawk (art for meat’s sake)


  1. Azmi

    Not “exactly” your character, but long ago, when I still did commissions in the Lair, this was one of the first, with you in mind. 🙂


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