Sad, just, sad…

On the 9th of May I traded in, after more than a dozen failed attempts, several hundred Coke Reward points for three coupons, each worth a free 12-pack of Coca-Cola product. On the 23rd of May all three arrived. In separate envelopes. On the 26th of May Coca-Cola emailed me, three times, each email stating:

“This notification is confirmation that your Coca-Cola┬« product 12-pack has been shipped”

“The estimated delivery date for your order is: 15 – 20 business days”

Three days AFTER I got my coupons, each in a separate envelope, they’re telling me I should expect them in two to three weeks.

Way to go, Coke! Not only didn’t you save on postage by putting three coupons requested at the same time, by the same person, to the same address, in the same envelope you haven’t a CLUE when you’re shipping things out. I wonder how much that kind of stupidity costs them each year. This is why 12-packs of soda at the grocery store are over $5 these days.

Hawk (does have three coupons for free coke!)

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