Goodbye, Jay! Screw you, Conan.

I must admit I wasn’t crazy about Jay Leno taking over when Carson left the Tonight Show but he’d had guest hosting experience and was at least mildly funny. Jay grew on me. I was always impressed with the way he handled the animals his guests brought out. He was interested, asked intelligent questions and not afraid to get down and pet the bears, big cats, whatever was brought out, unlike Letterman who shrieks like a girl and hides from just about anything.

Jay, you did a damn good job with the show and I’m sorry to see you go.

Conan, you’re an imbecile. You’ve no talent. You’re almost as annoying as Carrot Top or Gilbert Gottfried. I won’t be watching you, ever.

Hawk (that’s just the way it is…)


  1. Ann

    not that we’ve watched him in years but, I have to say I’ll miss Jay Walking and the stupid newspaper stuff…

    never got to send him my Arm and Hammer Cat Litter box with the “safe to use around pets” on it!

  2. Hawk (Post author)

    I sent in a couple newspaper clippings but he never used ’em. The Jay Walking spots were funny but also frightening. Some of those people were scary stupid and you KNOW they’re all out driving at the same time you are.


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