I don’t sleep. I can’t sleep…

I should be, from all I’ve read, insane by now. Maybe I am? I haven’t had more than four hours sleep, that being the longest I’ve slept, in what’s got to be five or six years. I’m averaging between an hour and a half and three hours downtime when I can get my eyes to stay closed. I’ve tried all the OTC products, Tylenol PM (the active ingredient gives me ‘twitches’) and many others that contain diphenhydramine. I’ve tried the ‘natural’ supplements, they don’t do crap. The best I’ve found is Doxylamine Succinate the active ingredient in Unisom and other generic sleep aids. I’ve read; “In a study, it was found that doxylamine succinate is possibly more effective than the barbiturate phenobarbital for use as a sedative” and while it makes me drowsy as hell I still never get more than a few hours rest.

A lot of it, I believe, is my bladder and such details we won’t go into. Suffice it to say when I’m awake I’m in the bathroom just about every hour on the hour and when, if, I sleep it’s usually waking me up every two hours. Yes, I see all these commercials for overactive bladder drugs, I can’t afford them or the doctors visit(s) and I’m terrified that it’s not just an enlarged prostrate but the Big C. And no, I really don’t want to know. I couldn’t afford the treatment for that either.

Why aren’t I raving? Wait… I am. More so I meant why hasn’t this sleep deprivation driving me totally over the edge? All the research says it should have by now.

Hawk (insane? perhaps….)


  1. Frosty

    Oh Hawk! That just sounds like torture. Absolute torture.


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