Sorry Ann… You just brought it to mind.

A good friend of mine posted on Facebook the other day about her daughter graduating… from pre-school. Pre-school has a graduation ceremony? I’m sure they all had cute caps and gowns and they flipped the tassels over when it was all said and done…

Pre-school… Have kids become so fragile of ego that we need to celebrate every accomplishment in their lives with pomp and ceremony? Ann’s daughter will surely ‘graduate’ from Kindergarten, again with caps, gowns and tassels. Then there’s grammar school to graduate from and middle school and of course there’s high school next and after that tech schooling or college. You can’t have enough graduation ceremonies!

When I went to school nobody I knew went to pre-school. There might have been one within twenty miles of my house in the early 70’s. Don’t get me wrong. I completely understand the need for them and the safety and security they provide in these modern times. We didn’t graduation from Kindergarten, graduation from Kindergarten was knowing to raise your hand BEFORE you pooped your pants or threw up on Noel.

We didn’t graduate from grammar school. We finished up grammar school with tales of horror from older brothers, sisters and neighborhood kids of going to some big horrible middle school building where you had to CHANGE CLASSROOMS all day long! And it was, worst of all, going to be chock full of older, meaner kids.

We didn’t graduate from middle school, we just got the same type of horror stories about high school we got back when grammar school was over but now they added sex and cars, and drugs, and sex…

On a side note. Some of us, not recognized of course, were among the last 9th grade class of our middle school AND among the first 9th grand class in the high school. A noteworthy achievement that went unremarked.

Some of us didn’t even get to graduate from high school and don’t get invited to the reunions. Some of us went to work when school and the brutality became too much. Some of us got our GEDs several months before our class (1984, hooray!) got to graduate. That annoyed quite a few people.

So what is it these days with all the ceremonies? Do we really need to bolster our children’s self esteem constantly and why’s it changed so much from those olden days I sprang forth from?

Hawk (Yestardai I culdnt spel gradumate and now I ar)

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