I hate doctors!

Wait… I didn’t even get to see a doctor, make that “I hate Nurse Practitioners!” Spent half an hour and $80 (charged up front before you even get your damn temperature taken!) waiting to be taken to an exam room. Spent half an hour waiting in the exam room expecting to see a doctor, a person with an MD, someone legally able to call themselves a medical doctor, NOT a nurse with delusions of grandeur.

She did next to no exam. I have an infection in my ‘special place’ (she never even took a peek at it) that the OTC products weren’t working well enough on. It HURTS. To avoid going into too many gross and personal details I’ll just use two words “split and cracking” if you’re plumbed like me I’m sorry you just flinched. If you don’t have the same plumbing… sorry for the visual.

I got to sit, once again, through the diabetics lecture. I explained, several times how horrible the pain is especially when I have to pee (and being a diabetic I do pee a LOT). I then got to sit for another half hour in the exam room waiting for someone to do a finger stick to check my blood sugar. When the nurse came in she also wanted a sample of urine. She showed up and told me the extra fees $27 for the urine and $8 for the glucose test. I agrees to the glucose test thinking they’d do something more than break out a low budget meter from Walgreens… She then broke out a low budget glucose meter from Walgreens *sigh* failed to get blood from my finger twice and then used up more than half a dozen test strips because she had no clue how to use the stupid meter. Each strip costing me a squirt of blood from my fingertip (I had to do the squeezing, she couldn’t squeeze hard enough) and we found out what I could have already told them. I have high blood sugar. EIGHT freaking dollars! If I’d known I’d have brought the free meter Liberty Medical sent me and done the test for them. Hell I’d have only charged THEM $4 to stick myself!

The Nurse Practitioner (BTW, nice beard and hairy warts, wench!) came back in after another five or ten minutes and handed me three prescriptions. One for the infection. One for a possible UTI I’m almost certain I don’t have, and some junk to help my blood sugar levels. She then smugly, condescendingly told me she wasn’t going to prescribe anything for the pain and that I didn’t need it (even though I told her 600mg of Advil every six hours wasn’t helping) and if I wanted relief I should ‘rub some vaseline down there’. I’ve had this happen before. I’ve got long hair, a beard and tattoos. This to jaded medical professional sets off every ‘drug seeker’ warning siren they have. I’m SICK of being in pain and being treated like a fucking addict jonesing for a fix. It’s belittling, embarrassing and it fucking hurts to be thought of that way. Screw you, FurBitch, I won’t be back to your clinic. Oh, and I had a similar problem a bit over a year ago in which the Physicians Assistant I saw (are there no damn doctors in this state?!) told me that the Desitin and other rash treatments I’d tried had sealed in the infection making it ten times worse. That’s exactly what this bitch told me to do instead of giving me something for pain. You can’t imagine how enraged I am. I’m seriously considering looking into what’s involved in filing a complaint against these people.

My adventure concluded with a broiling hot ride across town to Walmart to get the ‘scrips filled. They’re the cheapest in the state with many being only $4 for a month’s supply. I then spent over an hour sitting, alone, there were no other people waiting at the pharmacy, for them to whip the snails into action. At least I’m assuming they used snails to move the pills the three or four feet necessary.

Hawk (hurts)

Addendum. A few minutes ago one of the executives of the company that owns the clinic I went to today called and was very upset that I was unhappy with my visit. She’s going to ‘look into this’ and ‘talk to the nurse practitioner’ about the way I was treated (I won’t hold my breath waiting for that fuzzy witch to apologize). She’s also refunding the $8 fee for the blood glucose test AND if I go down tomorrow an actual doctor with a medical degree and everything will see me, and hopefully be willing to do something to ease the pain, free of charge.

Still doubt I’d go back for future problems but we’ll see what happens tomorrow morning. I plan on being there the moment they unlock the doors as I’ve got to get the grocery shopping done too.

Hawk (still hurts)


  1. Kathy D'Onofrio

    Owwwwww!!! I feel your pain and agree for the money they charge I’m seeing a Dr not not a Nurse Practicioner(sp). I call them Dr wannabees. See what a real DR will do tomorrow and good luck!! By the way, where’s my books???

  2. Hawk (Post author)

    Your book’s at the library waiting for you!

  3. Chilly

    Never use the baby butt cream unless you have a rash, and even then, only use it on bared skin that is not trapped in clothing.

    Sounds to me like you need some scent-&-additive-free lotion (Curel green is fab) and to air out the owie parts. Good luck, hope the doc helps!

  4. Jes

    Good luck with the doctor visit tomorrow. I thought they only had sucktastic health care in CT. I am sorry your visit wasn’t a pleasant one. I hope they fire the hairy shrew. Mr. Rodgers had tattoos that is why he always wore long sleeves so the kids didn’t get scared. He wasn’t a biker with a drug problem either. People need to stop stereotyping and judging others. I hope your owie feels better and I hope they actually give you something for pain. Let me know how things go.

  5. Terrie

    What happened w/ your revisit?


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