Night & Freaking Day

I went back to the clinic this morning. Showed up a bit early and got taken right away. Five minutes after their official opening time the doctor came into my exam room. He asked my why I was there and we talked, actually talked. He understood and empathized with the pain in my ‘special place’ since he has one himself. The witch yesterday should have been able to as a so-called professional but I think she judged me from the get go as a drug seeker and couldn’t care less about my medical condition.

Come to find out she didn’t even bother to note the pain and discomfort, which I discussed with her SEVERAL times yesterday, in my chart. Not a single reference to the patient being in pain, NONE. That bitch!

The doctor, a real MD, discussed my condition. Noted down my discomfort. Actually TOUCHED me while doing an exam. Witchy-poo from yesterday looked at me (not THERE either) from five feet away. He brought up my medical history and went over it in detail. He was shocked that I was sent away yesterday with no pain medication. He was shocked again when I told him the Nurse Practitioner from yesterday told me to “Rub some Vaseline on it if it hurts.” and agreed with me that doing so would have caused serious problems. He even thought she’d under medicated me on the medication for my ‘condition’ and wrote another scrip for that in case I need it. He also gave me a scrip for pain medication.

He cared. He listened. He didn’t judge based on appearance. THAT is what a doctor is supposed to do.

Hawk (still hates nurse practitioners)


  1. Jes

    I am glad today went a lot better. I hope that bitch loses her job. She needs an attitude adjustment. I hope your owie feels better.

  2. Hawk (Post author)

    Thanks. It’s going to be a while before this clears up. At least a couple weeks or if it’s resistant it may take a couple months.

  3. Ann

    Glad to hear you went to the Dr finally! Too bad it took 2 tries.

    I have a nurse practitioner we see for the family (kids and myself) and she’s really good. Of course, she sees us all the time and knows the deal…

  4. Chilly

    Feel better soon.

  5. Hawk (Post author)

    Thanks! I fear with my bad health and elevated blood sugar this is going to be an uphill battle.

  6. Frost

    oh man. I’m so glad you had a good experience with the doctor and I’m so sorry about that awful nurse practitioner. But you know, it’s the person, not the job title. The one time I forked over hard-earned cash for a fancy doctor in a nice doctors office for my annual ‘girly check’, I had such a brutalizing experience that ever since (and it’s been five years) I start hysterically crying the minute my feet hit those stirrups. Luckily, the doctors and nurses at the clinics I’ve been to immediately respond, comfort me, and take their time with the exam, making sure I’m comfortable. So for me, the idea of going to a clinic and seeing a nurse practitioner is much more appealing than going to a doctors office.

  7. Toots

    Glad you are getting better. Keep taking the meds.

  8. Hawk (Post author)

    I’m taking ’em! I promise. Who’s that?


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