If you were a billionaire or even a multi-multi-multi-millionaire would you host a moronic ‘find me an office assistant’ game show on TV? Would you get involved with the increasingly pathetic world of professional wrestling? If you’re Donald Trump you would.

If you were a major player in professional basketball, had a supposed NY Times Bestseller novel and ran a not-for-profit foundation with core values such as “Accountability to having quality standards” and “Empowering, and improving the quality of life for, our community” would you be flogging the rip-off experts Rent A Center? (seriously, $2,500 for a $450 computer? What a BARGAIN!) If you were Magic Johnson you would.

I’ve seen two ‘well known’ NASCAR drivers hawking 3rd party car repair insurance. Sadly I care so little about NASCAR I’m not going to spend the time tracking down their names. Turn left! Turn Left! Go straight! Turn left! Turn Left! Repeat hundreds of times. Meh!

Supposedly rich, supposedly well off people doing jobs that make them look, if not downright moronic, then, at least in Johnson’s case, just plain bad. I don’t know about you, dear readers, but if *I* were a rich man (can you hear the Fiddler on the Roof music playing?) I’d have a nice, large, log cabin on a lake somewhere in the middle of nowhere and I’d be flying my friends in for weekend and week-long visits whenever they wanted. I would NOT be making an ass out of myself on television (what IS wrong with Trump’s mouth, he looks like a fish out of water!) or debasing myself trying to get you to pay five times the price to ‘rent to own’ junk. If *I* were a rich man, I’d still live frugally. I can’t even bring myself to buy a $6 DVD of one of my favorite movies even thought I’ve got the spare coin right now.

What’s up with these people? Is Trump not as rich as we think? Has Johnson blown through those millions and millions of dollars he was paid to bounce a ball? Are these people THAT desperate?

Hawk (da-da-dee-da-daa-da-dah)


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  2. Terrie

    They Love to see their Rich Faces on TeeVee….

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