Over 1.6 MILLION people entered the lottery to get tickets to Michael Jackson’s memorial service… 1.6 MILLION people. Have you no lives you vultures? Can’t we find any real news to give a shit about? Somebody died at Disney doing their job on the monorail. Aren’t there any children starving somewhere? Didn’t North Korea launch a missile or something? But no, someone may have video of the GHOST of Michael Jackson… I wonder if he’d had known what it would do for his career/popularity if he’d have died sooner. I am SO sick of turning on the television and finding nothing but The Gloved One (child molester, freak, surgical and drug addict!) clogging up the airways. He’s dead, seriously, it’s time to get over it.

Hawk (doubts 1.6 PEOPLE will show up at his memorial)

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