Warehouse 13

Keeping in the ‘SyFy’ (*barf*) vein I caught the premier of the Sci-Fi (damnit, I will NOT refer to it as SyFy! (*barf*)) Channel’s latest series, ‘Warehouse 13’ on Tuesday night.

Have you ever seen ‘Friday the 13th: The Series’? If you have then you’ve seen this show. They’ve expanded the antique/occult store into a gigantic warehouse (think of the last scene from ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’) and turned over retrieval of dangerous occult objects to a pair of somewhat reluctant government agents.

Fairly well acted but with weak writing, it won’t win any Emmys, the special effects are decent though not ground breaking. It isn’t a BAD show and I’ll give it at least one more try before I truly make up my mind about it but it’s not a great show, like ‘Eureka’.

Hawk (Sci-Fi damnit! SCI-FI!)

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