I like animals…

I really do. It’s their owners I tend to despise. I live on a corner lot with about 40 feet of frontage having a sidewalk running through it. It’s the neighborhood dog shitting spot. We’re constantly picking up presents people and their pets have left us.

A while ago I went out the front door *BOOM!* when some lady for the dozenth time let her dog take a leak on our mailbox post. “HEY! You, yeah, you! *I* don’t piss in your yard do I? I’m sick of your damn dog pissing on my mailbox. I’m sick of dancing around the puddle and smelling dog piss when I go to get my mail!”

Then she GLARED at me! As if I was in the wrong to chastise her about her dog using my damn mailbox post as a toilet. She does now, however, cross the street when she walks by with the mutt but she still glares at the house and twice her husband, while walking the dog, has flipped me off.

I’ve seriously considered getting a couple vinyl signs printed up; “I don’t crap in YOUR yard. Your dogs shouldn’t crap in MINE!” and putting them up along the sidewalk…

Hawk (really dislikes some people)


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  2. Frost

    I think you absolutely should have signs printed. Those people are jerks. I see people in the city letting their dogs piss on motorcycles that are parked on the sidewalk. And yes, I realize that people shouldn’t park their motorcycles on the sidewalk, but NO ONE should let their dog piss on someone’s bike. EVER. It kind of blows my mind. And bicylces are not off the hook here. Dogs pee on bicycles too. Dog owners are assholes.

  3. Jes

    you should piss in their yard. My dogs go in the back yard. It is their own little paradise. When I take them for a walk usually I let them go potty first so they don’t shit or piss everywhere. Other peoples dogs are always going in our front yard and digging up the garden. Even when I take the dogs for a walk I carry a bag just in case one of them didn’t go before we left. But other assholes don’t have the courtesy of doing the same thing. This is one of the reasons why I want land so I can fence off my property and have my house set far back from the road So I don’t have to deal with bullshit neighbors and their stupid non leash walking dogs.


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