Govt. Health Care?

There’s a commercial running on the networks lately; Some lady, claiming to be Canadian, is complaining about the Canadian Health Care System. She says she had a brain tumor and was told she would have to wait six months to see a specialist. She claims, but offers no proof, that she’d have been dead had she not crossed the border into the US and gotten medical care here in the States. The commercials also states some people wait up to a year for vital surgeries and that many drugs and treatments are not available.

I once waited, while being part of a state run program, two and a half YEARS for a dental appointment and when I finally did get to see a dentist I was forced to undergo an extraction instead of a filling because “we don’t do fillings anymore…” even though the paperwork I got the DAY of my visit says they do. They also refused to write anything for the pain or infection I was suffering from. The dentist also cracked the tooth next to the one she pulled but no option to fix her mistake was ever offered.

…some people wait up to a year for vital surgeries.

Years ago when I had health insurance I was told both my hands needed Carpel Tunnel surgery, this would be my right hand’s third surgery, and that I probably needed surgery on my right elbow and shoulder. My health insurance ran out. It’s been ten years, I’m still waiting for ‘vital’ surgery I can’t afford.

…many drugs and treatments are not available.

When you don’t have health insurance and can’t afford to see doctors and specialist NO drugs and treatments are available.

Of course we couldn’t learn from the mistakes of other countries, could we? No, the commercial says we shouldn’t let the Govt. come between you and your doctor. Those people with insurance (and all the righteous bastards sponsoring the commercial) probably won’t even notice a health care plan aimed at those people with NO health care at all.

Hawk (has owies)


  1. LowlandSolution

    Point well taken, but I’m curious… as someone with a disability, you don’t qualify for medicare/medicaid?

  2. Hawk (Post author)

    Medicare I do, I just can’t afford their HMO/medical plans. I have hospitalization but even that would cost me over $1000 IF I were hospitalized. I don’t qualify for medicade.


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