Jesse James is a Dumbass

Seriously, this new show’s retarded. Jesse wants to be a stuntman/daredevil, woo. Original of you, Jesse. Did you watch Hooper one too many times?

Okay, he had a couple fairly cool custom motorcycle specials on the Discovery Channel. Granted it was amusing to hear him touted as ‘one of the last fabricators to use an English wheel’ (a device to bend and stretch sheet metal). Until we started seeing other custom bike and car builders at work and surprisingly just about all of ’em had an English wheel. Woops! Then his bikes were eclipsed by the flash and fugly bikes of the popular American Chopper. I think a lot of that had to do with the moronic fights the family got into more than anything.

Then he had Monster Garage. Which was a pretty cool show, until they decided that working within the show’s set build budget wasn’t getting them the ‘woo-hoo’ factor they wanted so they started allowing ‘donations’. When I saw an engine valued at twice the build budget ‘donated’ to the episode I gave up.

He did a shot on Celebrity Apprentice, a show I wouldn’t let coma victims watch it’s so horrible. I hear he did badly, I wouldn’t know.

NOW he’s got his new show Jesse James Is a Dead Man where he goes out and does stuff other people have been doing for years, decades even, but he’s ‘famous’ so now it’s special. Racing the Baja 500. Driving a monster truck. Running from the police (damn, Jesse, you can see that nightly on the news in CA!). Sidecar motorcycle racing… is there anything you won’t do that hasn’t been done better, Jes?

Seriously are you that desperate to get your mug on TV? Is your West Coast Choppers business suffering? I don’t see your sponsorship in the NHRA anymore and I see fewer and fewer people wearing your shirts and hats.

Go back to doing what you do best, building kick ass, custom bikes that DON’T look like fire trucks, lawn mowers or other stupid shit. Do something in copper again, that tank you built on one of your specials was gorgeous.

Hawk (doesn’t own a single WCC collectible)

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