Dear Florida Power & Light.

Why can’t you keep the power on?

I completely understand that during severe weather things happen but I’m not talking about such situations. A few weeks ago I was sitting here in the den around 4:00 AM when the lights went up and down, browning not blacking out several time. Then the power went out for several hours. The weather was clear. I went outside and didn’t hear any emergency vehicles responding to anything for miles around so I doubt someone knocked over a pole. I didn’t hear any transformers explode. We just sat in the dark for hours.

Several nights ago once again the lights browned out multiple times before once again we lost power on yet another clear and stormless night. This time it was only out for a couple hours. Your automated system woke me up half an hour after the power came back on to confirm the power was back on… joy.

I still haven’t forgiven you, FPL, for what you did in 2004. After the first hurricane you had our power back on within twelve hours. We were impressed… Until you snuck, SNUCK, a repair truck into the neighborhood at 3:00 AM and instead of replacing the faulty transformer you turned our power BACK off for several weeks. You have no idea how it felt sitting in this small section of Palm Bay you deliberately blacked out. Watching the houses across the street with their TVs on and hearing their air conditioners humming. You have no idea what it was like having the street light 20 feet away mocking you night after night. I may never forgive you for that blunder. You had a truck here, you should have fixed it. It only took 30 minutes when they finally got around to coming back out here.

FPL, why can’t you keep the power on?

Hawk (anyone got a spare generator?)

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