The Wind God(s) Hate Me!

We’ve got a cute little windsock hanging out on the back patio, I got it as a freebie years back. Once, twice sometimes as often as three times a week I cook out on the grill. EACH and every time I’m going out to cook there’s not a breathe of wind to be found. The day before and the day after cooking out the stupid thing is whipping around like there was a hurricane coming but not on hamburger Thursday, oh no!

Case in point, last night it was raining, cloudy and the wind was gusting 20+ MPH. Last night was Wednesday. Today, Hamburger Thursday, the windsock looks as if it was carved from granite and not made of lightweight nylon. But hey, at least there’s a little cloud cover… ugh!

Vayu (Hindu), Anemoi (Greek), Venti (Roman) , Fujin (Japanese), Njord (Norse), Stribog (Slavic), you Gods of the wind, why do you torment me so!?

Hawk (breezeless, poop)

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