I’m SO Embarassed…

I just spent several hours watching VH1’s Top 100 Songs of the 80’s which really should have been named ‘Top 100 Songs with a Music Video’ and I’m ashamed, ASHAMED, to admit not just how many songs I KNEW but how many I could sing along with!
In the 80’s I was a metal head, a hardcore, head banging, beer drinking, booze swilling, pot smoking (don’t tell my mom!) member of the metal militia! And yet I knew almost all the lyrics to “867-5309/Jenny” by Tommy Tutone and other horrors of the Reagan years.
I did learn two things watching the show. Susanna Hoffs and Kennedy (yes, the MTV VJ) are HOT, hot, hot! Hotter now (especially Kennedy) than they were in the 80’s! Smoking HOT I tell you! If you want to consider that one thing (though it’s two people) then the 2nd thing I learned while wasting hours of my life is this; The people who picked the top ten songs were smoking crack while undergoing lobotomies.

Hawk (You gotta Jump!)

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