The bruise from my broken toe has spread from being just around the pinky toe. It now reaches to the middle of my foretoe (foretoe?!). I think this means it’s healing. It itches (inside!) like you wouldn’t believe and is still a little too tender to scratch. Still not fun putting on the sandals. Wore them Sunday morning for about 15 minutes and the foot throbbed for a couple hours. Not looking forward to a day out Tuesday.

The wind gods continue to mock me. Every day BUT this past Thursday has been windy around the time I would be outside cooking dinner. {grumble}

The new mouse is indeed taking some getting used to. I can’t quite get my hand on it the way it’s designed to be used due to my carpel tunnel problems but it’s not horrible to hold. The side buttons are the worst to get used to. With their position under the lip of the mouse it requires an upward sweep with the thumb to activate them. If you’re not holding the mouse securely you can skip it across the mouse pad and away from whatever you’re trying to click on. While I really do like the heft of the mouse with the batteries in it it would have been nice if the weight was evenly distributed. The front left (under the left button) of the mouse is much lighter than the rear right quarter. This give the mouse a tendency to ‘twist’ if you’re gripping it lightly. Still no connection problems. No skipping or freezing of the cursor. Connectivity seems to be perfect.

Eight years of mousing history.

Hawk (typing way too damn much about a mouse…)

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