News Slugs….

I just saw yet another news slug, ad, preview (call them what you will) that supposedly to warn you of a dangerous or life threatening situation but then doesn’t tell you what it is!

“Can the dashboard on your car collapse and damage your electrical system? You could lose your headlights or your entire car may just fail…” Tune in Monday at 11 PM to find out if you own one of these vehicles. It’s SATURDAY! I could be driving around for two days with a car that could kill me because they want to raise their ratings and get me to watch their broadcast. They’re endangering our lives by NOT telling us immediately the details we need to know to stay safe. They act like they care about our safety but clearly they do not.

I’ve seen (at noon) “Your water may make you very sick! Tune in tonight at 6 to find out if the water where you live could be hazardous to your health!” That’s right, don’t drink, bath or cook with your water for the next six hours. Just sit there and wait to find out if you just poisoned Junior with that glass of tap water…

This should be illegal. If a news agency has information related to the health and safety of their viewers they should TELL us, now. Withholding the towns where the water isn’t safe or the make and model of car that could fail, that’s just wrong. Fine, you want to save the details, the whys and wherefore until your broadcast, great. But don’t tell me I could end up dead or in the hospital by drinking the water or driving my car and then not tell me where I shouldn’t be drinking or drivingĀ it!



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