I Hast a $2 Bill.

One of the sites I take surveys for sent it to me as ‘a token of their appreciation’ and I HATE it! It sits there and mocks me. It is in perfect condition, never been folded, no wrinkles, perfect and pristine. It’s unique enough that I don’t want to spend it but not so unique that it has any collectible value.
The last time I tried to spend a two dollar bill the chick at the 7-11 counter thought it was fake and had to call over the manager who wasn’t quite sure if it was real or not. I ended up putting the stupid thing back in my pocket and paying with my debit card hoping the idiot twins wouldn’t call the cops.
This is as bad as getting a handful of Susan B. Anthony dollars. I’m SO glad most of those are out of circulation.


Hawk (“Two dollars!” AUGH!… name that movie reference!)

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