Reoccurring Dream(s)…

I have several dreams that seem to repeat in no understandable pattern. This is one of them… I just woke from it a while ago:

I’m on a flight from somewhere to somewhere, I don’t know either the origin or destination which adds to the creepy factor. If I try and think about it, in the dream, the anxiety factor ratchets way up. I know it’s not a pleasure trip I’m going somewhere I have to be but don’t want to be. Wherever I’m going and why ever I’m going there has a somber reason.

It’s nighttime. The flight lands for a stop over. We’re told the time on the ground will be brief. I, often alone, sometimes with another passenger, someone I know but don’t…they’re never familiar to me but they don’t feel like a stranger, head off into the darkened airport to find the facilities, and possibly something to eat.

Suddenly I’m (we’re) in a huge, dark, parking lot outside a large building. The airport? I don’t know. It reminds me of one of the malls back in Connecticut and a little of the High School I attended there. Up a hill in the lot there’s the blazing lights of what looks like a carnival. Heading up the slope we discover weird ‘attractions’ screenings of previews for weird movies whose titles I cannot recall but are in some way disturbing. There’s also lines leading into walk-through, haunted house style (vignettes you walk past) booths as well as food vendors and people selling… ‘stuff’.

I (we?) get in line to see one of the attractions and moments later after glancing at my watch realize we have to leave to make our (my) flight time. The anxiety really ramps up here. We come around the corner of the building retracing our steps and once again the scene shifts and were on a wide path, in a jungle, outdoors not daylight not night time. I don’t get it! I’m here, I’m supposed to be there. Where was I at that carnival. How did I get to this place…

Then I wake up. Usually soaked in sweat and with a deep seated fear of looking out the windows or even passing by an uncovered window. Sleep is hours away. Though I’m not too bothered as I don’t relish returning to that place…

Hawk (dreams a little dream of terror…)


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  2. Beowulf

    Oh, come on, that’s not so bad. I thought you were going to say you had a dream where you were mobbed and beaten by D-Dialers or something.

  3. Hawk (Post author)

    Beaten? By Ddialers? This was a nightmare I had, not a comedy 🙂


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