Check those dates!

Last week, Thursday July 30th, I purchased a package of Winn Dixie brand ‘wafer and creame’ cookies. Once I got home I found the ‘use by’ date was several weeks out of date. I called the store and spoke to an employee. After I explained the situation she said that she would see that it was taken care of. Yesterday, Thursday August 6th, I again went to purchase a package of wafer cookies, they are a family favorite, and the package I picked up had an expiration date in MAY 2009, nearly THREE MONTHS out of date. The package under that was a MONTH out of date. An employee was walking by and I alerted him to these packages with my suspicions that there would be many more to be found on the shelves. Having proof that my warning from last week was ignored and expired food was allowed to be left on the shelf I felt that alerting the store employees was not enough and felt an email to their corporate HQ was necessary to protect my and other shopper’s health. Heads should roll over this.

Check those dates people, you can’t trust the store to care about your health!

Hawk (has no expiration date)

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