I just hate it when its sticky…

Being a diabetic I’m always, ALWAYS, thirsty. I could chug a gallon of cold water (or Diet Coke or plain iced tea…) and be thirsty, to the point of dry, uncomfortable, mouth just fifteen minutes later.

That being said, I drink a LOT of Diet Coke and if you haven’t checked the prices lately soda is insanely expensive. The average around here is $5.50 for a 12/pack. When it’s on sale I stock up. When I stock up I try my damndest to do so at night when that horrible yellow thing isn’t glaring down upon me and cooking my brain inside my skull.

Tonight CVS and Kangaroo Express both had Coke products (4/$10 limit four and 4/$12 respectively) on sale so I headed out a little after 3:30 AM. The temperature inside my garage was EIGHTY SIX degrees! I drove the few miles to the 24/hr CVS Pharmacy in what felt like 90+% humidity and a check of the external temperature thermometer my car’s equipped with (it’s surprisingly accurate) said the outside air was EIGHTY ONE degrees. 3:45 AM and it’s over eighty outside. Gods, I love Florida! (that’s sarcasm people!)

Hawk (another movie quote there in the title…)

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