People suck :(

A few months ago someone was repeatedly using the hose on the West side of our house. I think there might be a small homeless camp out in the woody swamp just down from us, looking at the aerials I can see several cleared spots in the wooded lots out west, it could have been someone from there. More than once I’ve seen people popping out of the side yards of my and other houses on the street. Now I wouldn’t begrudge a thirsty man (or woman!) a drink. I don’t care if they want to fill a canteen or water jug. But whoever was doing it was leaving the faucet on and the hose leaked, still leaks… this cost us, literally, hundreds of dollars on the water bill. We ended up just shutting off the flow to that valve.

Last night I got out of the shower and could swear I heard water running. I checked under the bathroom sink. I knew the shower was off, I was just in there. I checked everywhere in the house. Finally I grabbed a flashlight and went outside. Turns out someone had come up from the sidewalk, who KNOWS when, and turned the faucet on wide open (this is on the East side of the house and has no hose). The side yard was a freaking waterfall, the sidewalk, 20 feet away, was under water. If that had run all night it would have cost us a fortune. I called the cops knowing there really wasn’t anything they could do and they promised to step up patrols in the area for a few days.

Hawk ({grumble}]


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