Yet More ‘Power of the Bitch™’

Last week, few yet faithful readers, you may remember my post about finding long expired food on the shelf at my local grocery store. An email to their corporate HQ brought a same day call from the manager who assured me he would take care of the issue. Ha! Yeah, right.

Grocery shopping today I once again found a container of Lays Stax covered in some type of syrup, goo or something else disgusting. I’d told them about this TWO months ago and it was still there, sticky, waiting… evil. I happened to see one of the managers as I was walking from the Deli and told him about it.

Heading off, yet again, to do my shopping I stopped in the cookie aisle picked up a pack of the creamé and wafer cookies. Being paranoid I checked the expiration date; MAY 15, 2009, yet again there’s three month old food on the shelf. I walked back across the store to find the manager as apparently both email and phone calls are ineffective in getting things taken care of. Brought him over to the shelf and we found several more expired packages. *sigh*

Once again I headed off to do my shopping. Being disabled I have a limited amount of time I can stand and walk before I’m ready to collapse. Walked into the aisle to pick up some canned beef gravy for one of our long time favorite family meals (Shells & Gravy with Meat) and there’s NOT ONE can of beef gravy on the shelf. No national brand. No store brand. Nada. There’s one can of ‘Brown’ gravy but I’ve never seen a ‘Brown’ out grazing in the field so I didn’t even consider it.

Disgusted I walked off figuring I’ll pick up something else to fill the menu spot. Get over to the Thomas’ bagel end-cap and there’s NOT ONE package of plain bagels on the shelf. I think the manager was shadowing me as the moment I swore, quite loudly, he was there asking what was wrong. I explained and said I was sick of not finding basic staples I’ve bought for years on the shelf.

After apologizing he said he was going to ‘make things right’ and walked off. A few minutes later I’m heading for the last couple things I need. Having had to backtrack several times I’m beat, soaked in sweat, dead tired. Both managers came hurrying up. “We just had a truck come in and we found the gravy you wanted. Is four enough?” he said as he put a bag of canned gravy in the cart “These are on the house, I’ll make sure the cashier knows not to charge you for them.” THEN the other manager hands me a $20 gift card “For your troubles… we’re really sorry you had such trouble today.” he said.

So I ended up walking out of the store with $115 worth of groceries, after coupons, store discount card and the $20 gift card I ended up spending $81. Saved me nearly $45.

Speak up people, be heard. Don’t accept poor service and disappointment. Bitch and be amazed what happens.

Hawk (complaints work)

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