A Poem.

My soul, like blackened flesh
falls in tatters upon the floor
where hopes lie crushed amidst
the fallen lies… and promises
forgotten once more. I sorrow
at the sight, of so much pain
and loss and hurt, and my
sorrow, falls and is lost
in the clutter on my floor.

My pain cries out to be noticed
but it’s voice is drowned in the
silence, of a thousand screaming
more, amidst the teeming masses
lying huddled on my floor.

And when the windows opened
the sunlight streaming in..
they run and hide, to brood
and grow, and again push back
the light, in the darkness
they rave and shout and
wreak madness on my floor.

I sit and stare, in wonder and
disgust at the horror on the floor
where pain and guilt chase anger about
and no-one can find the door. I know
that I can never rid my room, of what
has gone before, for in knowing that
as I sweep them up, and remember each
and every one, I would yet be adding to
the clutter of my floor.

Hawk (once upon a time, I wrote…)

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