Well, no, not really. In another bid to prove that non-news is news and sensationalism sells advertizing space FOX News this morning interviewed 10-year-old Clementine Lee and her father who were ticketed this weekend for ‘Selling food without a permit’. Specifically, lemonade and cookies.

Adding to the non-news of the story is, after hearing what happened, the head (commissioner?) of the parks department heard what happened, admitted his agents were a wee bit overzealous in their duties and rescinded the ticket.

Now, did they break the law? Yes they did. Should they have been fined? Probably not. Did FOX News need to drag Clementine and her father into an interview about a ticket they’re not going to have to pay? Erm, nothing else to report on FOX? Nothing… at all? There wasn’t ANYTHING else going on in the entire world more interesting than a dismissed ticket? Really?

During the TV interview Clementine admitted to selling SEVEN (7) glasses of lemonade. No cookie sales were mentioned. WCBSTV news reporter Deborah Garcia (who really needs to proofread her stories; “make a few bucks off of thirst passersby.” & “…we’re gonna have to right you up.” Ugh.) reports Clementine made $19 in her short entrepreneurial venture. How much was she charging for this lemonade?! $2.50 a glass? I knew things in NYC were expensive but… Yeah, see, FOX, I can do it too! News, out of nothing!

Hawk (wouldn’t pay $2.50 for a glass of lemonade)

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