Long day. Hours at the county health alliance, good news; I qualify for the program. Bad news; first available appointment is in October and that infection I thought cleared up is back with an agonizing vengeance… 25 minutes in the bank waiting for a customer service agent who told me “You could have gone to a teller for this instead of waiting.” That after I told another agent what I was there for and she told me they’d be ‘right’ with me. Downpour unexpectedly while I was out, that’s in the car with the window that won’t roll up. Hot and sweaty, Florida, yay. Home and in pain all the rest of the day. Might have to make one more expensive clinic visit if this doesn’t clear up soon, that or call the alliance and see if they can get me in sooner.

This blog post a day for a month thing I’ve been trying, without announcing it, is for the birds.. ha, pun.

Hawk (*sigh*)


  1. Jes

    Congrats on the program. I find that with every awesome thing there has to be like a catch or three to prolong everything. I am sorry your infection is back. Make sure if you go back to the clinic you get the Doctor not the burly bitch from hell. Hopefully the Health Alliance can get you in sooner. I wish you luck.

  2. Hawk (Post author)

    Thanks 🙂


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