Erm, thanks?

Marlboro’s been running a multi-month long prize giveaway with a million prizes in total. They’ve had excellent prizes like twenty 32″ LCD TVs with built-in BlueRay players, ten awesome eight foot long walnut pool tables, five hundred heavy duty Sony portable boomboxes. And what did I win? I won one of two hundreds and fifty thousand ‘wall-mounted bottle openers’:

Click to embiggen

There it is in all it’s made in China, mass produced, cheap sand molded glory! Isn’t it wonderful? As you can see, the box even came with assembly AND use instructions printed on it. WOO-HOO!

Apparently I’ve also won a leather money clip (I never carry cash), and a sample pack of coffee (I don’t drink the stuff) but those haven’t arrived. At least I didn’t win another belt buckle (it was an available prize this time too).

Hawk (looking the gift horse in the mouth…)

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