It’s Lovebug Season!

It’s that time of year again or rather it’s that time of spring since these little bastards swarm twice a year. Introducing the Lovebug (Plecia nearctica) a particularly nasty little insect. They don’t bite. They don’t dig holes or eat your house. What they do however is fly around until they meet another lovebug they like then they join together, permanently, at the ass (I am NOT kidding) and then fly off to make little lovebugs. They swarm by the hundreds of thousands. The true fun comes when you’re out driving. These little boogers are attracted by hydrocarbons, like your car’s exhaust, so they swarm on roads and in particular at intersections. Their bodily fluids are not only acidic it’s also quite glue-like. A short trip across town can paint the entire front of your car black with their dead little ass-joined bodies and if their carcasses aren’t removed soon they will start pitting your paint within a few hours. They’re so acidic their juices can even eat the chrome off your bumpers! Wiper blades and even the best windshield washer fluid do little to remove them from glass as well.

Lovebugs, joined at the ass.










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