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‘Red’s Hot Honky-Tonk Bar’
By: Pamela Morsi

Forty-six year old Red likes them young but nine year old Olivia and six year old Daniel are a bit much. When the children’s other grandmother, who has been watching the children while their mother is deployed on active duty in the Army, has a stroke Red is forced to live up to the family emergency plan she agreed to and take in and take care of her grandchildren.

One of the many problems with that? Red owns, runs and lives above her bar. Working nights and sleeping days in her tiny upstairs apartment. Not quite the atmosphere conducive to raising and caring for children.

Dubbed, shortly after meeting her, ‘Abuela Mala’ (Bad Grandma) by six year old Daniel, who won’t speak a word of English, and flustered by demanding, authoritarian Olivia things go downhill from quickly. Enter Red’s current boy-toy and bar-band fiddle player, thirty-one year old Cam, who has a solution that just might work. If Red is willing to trust him and accept his help.

‘Red’s Hot Honky-Tonk Bar’ is a story of growth, understanding, compassion and learning to trust again in spite of what happened in the past. An enjoyable read without much in the way of unexpected plot twists, turns or suspense. The story is well paced. The writing style while occasionally reminding me of those ‘ABC After School Specials’ is overall enjoyable. All in all, a good read.

Hawk (I do ever so like getting free books!)

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